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Jeep is a brand of American automobile and also a division of FCA US LLC (formerly Chrysler Group, LLC), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Italian-American corporation Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Jeep has been part of Chrysler since 1987, when Chrysler acquired the Jeep brand, along with remaining assets, from its previous owner American Motors Corporation (AMC).

Sharon mentioned, "I feel bad I have to write this but....I bought a Jeep Compass back in March 2019 from the Route 46 Jeep Dealership in Little Falls, NJ. DO NOT GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP!!! IT IS TERRIBLE. I had to wait over an hour until they found the vehicle I was inquiring about. Then the finance guy, Alex **, was awful in giving me all of the details of my loan. Very rushed and basically didn't care about what was best for me. I was told the Compass was certified and when i went to sign the papers, it was not for the amount quoted online as the sales price. I had to pay an additional 1200 for the certified fee! This was not disclosed or mentioned in any paperwork until I sat down with the finance person at the last minute. Very unprofessional. I waited to speak to the manager of the dealership before I left, but he was conveniently unavailable for over an hour.

Next issue-had car serviced at the Morgantown, WV dealership in October 2019. Then in June 2020, the car stalls out on me. I had vehicle towed to a White Plains, NY dealership. Issue was that the Morgantown dealership left screws of the torque plate in the car and they punched a hole in my motor and transmission. Now I find out the parts are not coming in until October 2020. I have been without a vehicle from June 2020 and will not get my car until October 2020. Jeep is not helping me at all! Issue was Jeep's fault and they are doing nothing to help me. Very frustrated. Will never buy a Jeep again."


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Current Employee - Sales says

"Management isn’t interested in anything except drinking"


"Place is run like a dictatorship, no room for autonomy"

Current Employee - Sales Consultant says

"Not enough traffic coming in, deals take long to get processed, horrible service"

Former Employee - Sale Person says

"Commission only, favoritism shown to select sales persons. No demo option."

Auxiliar Logístico/auxiliar de produção (Former Employee) says

"A empresa faz vários desvio de função; Não valoriza os colaboradores Faz modificações de horários sem avisar Não dá oportunidade de crescimento Demite os funcionários que trabalham certo e deixam os que trabalham errado.NadaTudo"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"I was very excited to get the job at Jeep. I loved working there but as I was there for a while I learned that the company did not care about there employees and treated me like I was just another expendable employee with someone to take my place at any given moment.Good Paycompany doesn't care about you or your life your family, nothing."

Customer Service/ Valet Attendant (Current Employee) says

"good co-workers, bad management from the top. Customers are nice, travel isnt great. The work hours and my schedule is poor."

Lot Driver (Former Employee) says

"There was a substantial and very prevalent drug problem in the workplace. Employees are very toxic, always saying slurs, being incredibly racist, homophobic, or transphobic. Management never did anything about it or even cared. When I put in a notice about it, I was harassed and insulted by the upper management for it.Fun jobToxic, awful coworkers, awful management"

Operador de Produção II (Former Employee) says

"O RH tem que dá mais atenção aos colaboradores dos 3 turno visando melhorar a carga horária no qual é o injusta principalmente para o 3° turno que não tem uma vida social sem falar que o convênio médico que é regional se o colaborador viajar para outra cidade cuja o DDD não seja da sua região ele não tem atendimento, " Isso é inadimicivel " tem que melhora em relação aos funcionários da produção."

Técnico Mecânico Industrial (Former Employee) says

"Muito triste pela gestão pois poderia melhora maisBenefíciosGestão"

Team leader da qualidade (Former Employee) says

"Um dia típico da empresa é muito corrido e eu gostava. Eu aprendi muitas coisas como: passar relatórios( indicadores, gráficos...) A supervisão, direção e gerência deixa MUITO a desejar. A cultura é boa porém não é muito aplicada. A parte difícil do trabalho é identificação de vários problemas ao mesmo tempo. A parte mais agradável é que em tempo festivo sempre tem eventos na hora da refeição para entendimento com os funcionários.refeição na empresaNão tem pl"

Line Assembler (Former Employee) says

"I loved this job working for Impact when I initially was hired, after a while, they stiff you on compensation and hours. I think the company and the management has good goals to help those with no job experience, but leadership within the company itself is , if you will, unruly. I personally wouldn't willingly chose to work there unless it was my last resort. Not horrible, but many problems as well.great goals of helping those with inexperience.Lack of honesty, and leadership role."

Stand in 2IC - Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"My current role is to provide excellent customer service in a fast paced busy retail environment. I have been in my current position for 2 years, during this time I have acquired skills and confidence that gives me the ability to build customer relationships and strong customer service skills. Currently I work independently, as my team members tend to rotate shifts. With Jeep, you work most often unaided. You learn to use your own initiative and time management skills and be relied on to complete all tasks. Working at Jeep has enabled me to acquire the skills necessary to excel in my current position and manage the store without assistance. Working with Jeep, you undertake the importance of good presentation and a friendly approachable manner. You're also responsible for organising and maintaining large amounts of stock, opening and closing the store, completing end of day spreadsheets, together with liaising with head office in regards to reports, budgets and store promotions."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Arange for casual workers to come and assit Clean and neat shop (every thing in place) Cash ups and banking Recieve stock and price new stock Normal admin workindependantlong hours"

auxiliar de produção (Current Employee) says

"Empresa nova no mercado de trabalho, tendo muitas coisas para melhorar.Pagamento não atrasarNão fornece vale-refeição"

Customer service officer (Former Employee) says

"Added more experience, and was one of best places to work, would recommend for people in need of more experience.I learned alot and realised that without team work in any company you may not achieve your goals and specificationsFree lunch and breakfastShort breaks"

Reception Administration (Former Employee) says

"when working at this company everyone was always so welcoming and kind,We all worked exremly hard on a daily basis,and assisted eachother where help was needed,i enjoyed coming to work everydayit was more like working with family than co workers,everyday was a different expierencemedical aid, pension, free lunch-"

Gw says

"SUCKS- WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER. 2016... Service 4WD comes on after 2 months of owning it with 108K hwy miles. Tires need constant air. -4 degrees here and heater blower is making loud humming/vibrating sound. Back spoiler prevents back window from ever getting clean at a car wash. Wipers are criss-crossing and never thaw. Can\'t have heat on at the same time as defrosting the windshield. DON\'T BUY A 2016 JEEP CHEROKEE HIGH CLEARANCE!!!"

shannon mcintyre says

"Jeeps are used in community state and federal gang stalking efforts"

TickTockSpock says

"Truly awful experience. Engine management light came on 11 times in one year. Every time I took it in for repair, I asked for a report on what the issue was. Each time I was told it was ‘probably just an update’ or ‘we’ve sent the report to head office so you’ll have to wait two weeks to find out’. Never ever got to find out what the error codes were until eventually I wrote to higher-ups to find out. Turns out it was the same code every time. Catalytic converters issue of some sort. Bad fuel mixture. Unfortunately it was too late by this point. The catalytic converter was ruined after only 14,000 miles. I was 1 month out of warranty by the time this was discovered, and the vehicle was kangarooing and not drivable. They then had the cheek to say it was all unrelated, and that the 11 identical fault codes were possibly unrelated to each other too. Seriously?? The repair bill was over £3000 and Jeep offered me a measly 10% discount and wanted extra money for diagnosing the fault that they had ignored all this time. Disgraceful service from border cars dealership and Jeep themselves. I won’t fully get into the other issues I had, but they included missing welding causing flexing noises, faults with the media uni, faulty electric parking brake which wouldn’t disengage and a battery that failed after the first year and I had to pay for myself as they didn’t class it as warranty. Such a shame, as the car was a dream car for me, and whilst not the most expensive for many people, for me at 27 years old, it felt like a very posh car. Forced to sell massively discounted and learnt my lesson. Will never deal with Jeep again or Border Cars (although border cars went into liquidation shortly after, funnily enough). It was a 2015 1.4 petrol longitude model. Just in case you want to avoid that particular model. I’ve gone back to Dacia after a pleasant experience previously. Yes, they’re cheap and cheerful, but I’ve had no issues with them ever. Also, if Jeep actually read this, don’t bother replying. I gave you a chance to put things right, and all you gave me was an offer of 10% discount which I had to agree to there and then or you would remove the offer entirely. I don’t know how companies get away with this stuff. Definitely lost a customer for life and I will continue to share my experience with friends, family and social media. People need to know the truth."

mr kevin chance says

"The customer service is abysmal . Took my Wrangler jeep 15+ times to Stoneacre Willenhall to fix 2 leaks, They could not fix it. Jeep customer service Got involved they were very polite but in the end we’re just as useless. I took it to a local 4x4 garage in the end- fixed it in an hour. Still waiting after 2 months for a replacement tool kit which rusted due to the leaks Suggest buying a Land Rover. Jeep offered me a £200 service voucher in compensation for the bad service?- like I’m ever going to use their dealerships again. I refused it. By the way all this work was under the warranty. Best of luck to anyone who buys a Jeep and as to deal with Jeep customer services"

Billy Worth says

"Servicing is a joke. Repairs are through the roof. Customer service is terrible. Been lied to, mucked about and given false promises on numerous occasions - as have three friends who also own Jeeps. Shame I love the Grand Cherokee so much. Don't know if I'll get another after this one though. Certainly not from the Mornington/Frankston dealership."

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